Poem I wrote 8/5/14

They say it gets easier, regardless of how you feel. Just be patient, your heart will heal. Give it time, that’s the only cure. Well, I keep waiting, I’m just not so sure. Every day that goes by, I miss you a little more. Everywhere I go, it’s you I look for. When I open my eyes each morning and when I close them every night, I expect for you to be there, right by my side. What does it really mean, to say you’re in my heart? Cause you took it with you; you had all of it from the start. With everything in me, I try to be okay. I try to be strong, keep going each day. But if I’m being honest, I’m putting on a brave face. Pretending to have faith, even when that’s not the case. Uncertainty is all I know for sure, it’s hard to see past today.

I’ll never stop asking, why you just couldn’t stay.

So time keeps on moving, but one thing will never change. A love like ours is forever and I can’t wait for that day. I think about it often, just how it will be.

I know I’ll run straight to you and we’ll start our eternity.

~ Joni Roberts Grief to Life

36 responses to “Eternity”

  1. This is so touching! I believe it is Jesus who heals our hearts. The Bible says all things work together for those wo love God. I believe God is at work here. When my grandma died, I noticed that my grandpa though he was sad, did not cry. When everybody asked him why, he said, ‘Why should I? She is in the best place she could be. And I am going to see her soon.’ He lived as an atheist till he was thirty. His faith was so real to him that as an evangelist, he would go even as a weak old man, to dangerous people in dangerous places to talk of the love of God. He went through a cancer, a stroke, two collapsed vertebrae and the list goes on. But even when in his worst of times, I would go meet him and he would smile and crack a joke. How could he? Me and my mother were the last to see him. When we went in to the operation room, there he was. He was dead, but he was smiling. He taught me a lot about God and he challenged me to live like God was real. His pain had taught him to live like God was real.

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    • Wow. What an amazing story about the life your Grandpa lived. Most often, we don’t realize that they way we choose to live our lives, really can make a difference in someone else’s. Your Grandpa is a perfect example of that. What a powerful testimony. This encourages me more than I can say. Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. πŸ’™

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  2. That is beautiful, Joni. Particularly when you close the post with the photo box.
    I have said before, there is no way I can even imagine what you go through each day.
    Your previous precious memories, and your sure hope in the future, I believe are the strengths to keep you going, of course along with our Lord Jesus Christ, LIFE HIMSELF, who has provided the way for you and your love to meet again, for eternity.
    God Bless, Strengthen, and keep you wrapped in His arms.

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  3. Sometimes there are situations in life – in which one feels lonely and separated – however, we always have a friend with us who will even accompany us when our life ends and noone else is able to come with us – our friend, father and brother: Jesus Christ. this love will never die – and He shall be with us till the end of the world.

    Thanks for sharing, dear Joni and hope for you that someday your love will knock at your door again…

    All good wishes

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  4. I can’t even begin to say i know how you feel. My husband was in a medicated coma for 2 months, i had a sense of hopelessness like nothing would ever be ok ever again.

    it can be so hard to keep the faith. this is truly inspiring. πŸ™‚

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  5. Beautiful! Those that have left me I place in my future and move them from my past. I, too look forward to that day when I will see them and be with them forever! We have something and someone to look forward to!

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