Where my peeps at?!

Where my peeps at?!

I’ve loved connecting with all of you, so much!

Tell me where you’re from in the comments! 🌎 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🌎

I’m from Indiana U.S.

121 responses to “Where my peeps at?!”

  1. Hi Joni – just noted that you ‘liked’ a post I’d contributed to a short while back – thank you.
    I read your background and the tragic loss you encountered, but really admire your steps forward in dealing with life.

    Just for this post, I’m born and bred in Coventry. A West Midlands City in England.
    I presently live in North East England with my wife, Beverley, who is from this area.

    Noticed you were recently awaiting an appointment with the Neurologist, hope it went okay?
    I am in Sunderland hospital later today for major surgery, hopefully if all goes well, I should be discharged by the weekend!

    Lovely to make contact with you and keep tackling each day as it comes.
    Paul x

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    • Hi Paul! Thanks for stopping by! I hate to hear about your surgery. I’m praying you have a speedy recovery! Glad to have connected and look forward to reading more from you!


  2. Originally from New Zealand, but as they say in Texas (where I live now), “I got here as fast as I could!” 😜
    New Zealand is a beautiful country with so much packed into a small space (the whole country is the size of Colorado), you can go snow skiing in the morning and to the beach in the evening. It should be on everyone’s bucket list! 😉

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  3. Hi, I live near Toledo, Oh. The glass capital of the world. Well, we were known for that. Even though the ancient Egyptians made glass first. And home to where Jeep got started. Take care.

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  4. South Louisiana here! Best thing about my home town – the PEOPLE! Everyone cares about everyone – can’t beat that southern hospitality!

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      • Yes, I like living here. Of course, I have lived here all my life, so I don’t know what it would be like anywhere else. We are basically part of a tri-cities, yet each is separate. Kitchener has a population of about 150,000. We have a college, and one of our neighbouring cities, Waterloo, has two Universities.
        Although we are in this metropolis, within a 15-20 minute drive we can be in the country, in a Mennonite farming community, seeing horse and buggies as the means of transportation for many.
        A unique community.

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  5. I am from Canada! Was born and raised in Ontario and moved to Calgary in my 20’s. Eventually we will probably move to the US. Is the word peep American slang for friend? We do not say that in Canada.

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      • Thank you for clarifying. A girl from the US on social media would often say peeps and I wondered where that slang came from. I have a couple of US friends and we send letters to each other. Each year, I try and send Christmas cards with a couple of personal photos and stickers, Canadian things (maple leaf keychains etc.) and other random things.

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  6. I’m from Chillicothe, Ohio. I love the farm land, hills, trees, lakes, and ponds. The changing seasons are spectacular as well. Summer fairs, changing of colors in fall; sled riding, snow-man making and snowy Christmas’s in winter, and the fresh chirping of birds and witnessing the birth of new life in Spring.

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