The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

I wrote the following at this time a couple years ago:

Here we are again, another special day without you. I know you would want me to be happy, I will try to push through. I’ll do my best to smile. I’ll try hard not to be sad. I will think of treasured memories, in spite of missing you so bad. No matter what I do though, it still feels so unfair. Because despite my best efforts, I can’t ignore the empty chair.

7 responses to “The Empty Chair”

  1. After reading your entry about new year resolutions, it’s hard to not read this one and say that may be time to stop grieving the chair. That does not mean that you become eager to fill it.

    It does mean that you accept the picture of life as it is and take steps to take a new one. It doesn’t mean finding someone to replace your husband. It does mean that the proverbial “shoes to fill” are no longer a burden for anyone to bear.

    I don’t know what journey you’re on or what that may look like but I do know that when you start making comparisons, you’ll find a way to steal your own joy or derail your own progress.

    Here’s towards new opportunities!

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    • I appreciate your perspective, thank you 🙂 The chair is symbolizes the part of grief that doesn’t go away. You will always be missing that person on special days.
      I do love how you said to accept the picture of life as it is, taking steps toward a new one. That’s a post in itself!
      Basically I am saying that moving forward is what I want; it’s essential. But, even then, grief doesn’t leave you. You learn to live with it as you walk forward.


  2. As I reflect on so many who are precious to me who leave behind an empty chair this year, I think about the families and friends who will grieve and have not been looking forward to the reality of this void. Yesterday, one of my hospice patients passed away. I will take part in his funeral on Friday. The list goes on. I pray that God’s comfort will sustain all those who find themselves grieving the empty chair.

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